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Download Data for Money Velocity

Download a compressed file of data series files in the following category:

Money Velocity

Category Path: FRED > Categories > Money, Banking, & Finance > Monetary Data > Money Velocity 
Last Updated: 2017-09-02 1:46 PM CDT 
Notes: Velocity is a ratio of nominal GDP to a measure of the money supply (M1 or M2). It can be thought of as the rate of turnover in the money supply--that is, the number of times one dollar is used to purchase final goods and services included in GDP. 

File Name Number of Series Data Series Format Size 3 Text, Space Delimited 9 KB 3 Text, Comma Separated 6 KB

Note: CSV files do not contain header information.


  • In the compressed file, see README_*.txt for a description of the data series.
  • Zip files require unzip software to extract data series files.

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