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Release Tables

State Government Tax Collections, by State and Type of Tax

T01 Property Taxes (52)
T09 General Sales and Gross Receipts Taxes (52)
T10 Alcoholic Beverages Sales Tax (52)
T11 Amusements Sales Tax (52)
T12 Insurance Premiums Sales Tax (52)
T13 Motor Fuels Sales Tax (52)
T14 Pari-Mutuels Sales Tax (52)
T15 Public Utilities Sales Tax (52)
T16 Tobacco Products Sales (52)
T19 Other Selective Sales and Gross Receipts (52)
T20 Alcoholic Beverages License (52)
T21 Amusements License (52)
T22 Corporations in General License (52)
T23 Hunting and Fishing (52)
T24 Motor Vehicle License (52)
T25 Motor Vehicle Operators License (52)
T27 Public Utilities (52)
T28 Occupation and Business License, Not Elsewhere Classified (52)
T29 Other License Taxes (52)
T40 Individual Net Income Tax (52)
T41 Corporation Net Income Taxes (52)
T50 Death and Gift Taxes (52)
T51 Documentary and Stock Transfer Taxes (52)
T53 Severance Taxes (52)
T99 Taxes, Not Elsewhere Classified (52)
Total Taxes (52)

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