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Transportation Services (47)
Services Related to Transportation Activities (22)
Warehousing, Storage, and Related Services (5)
Publishing Sales, Excluding Software (34)
Software Publishing (9)
Network Compensation from Broadcast and Cable Television and Radio (9)
Advertising Space and Time Sales (29)
Telecommunication, Cable, and Internet User Services (35)
Data Processing and Related Services (9)
Credit Intermediation Services (Partial) (24)
Investment Services (15)
Insurance and Annuities (15)
Commissions and Fees from Sales and Administration of Insurance Policies (Partial) (11)
Real Estate Services (Partial) (30)
Rental and Leasing of Goods (Partial) (21)
Professional Services (Partial) (42)
Employment Services (16)
Travel Arrangement Services (Partial) (20)
Selected Security Services (Partial) (5)
Cleaning and Building Maintenance Services (Partial) (5)
Waste Collection and Remediation Services (Partial) (5)
Health Care Services (77)
Educational Services (Partial) (5)
Accommodation Services (7)
Food and Beverage for Immediate Consumption Services (Partial) (8)
Repair and Maintenance Services (Partial) (19)
Entertainment Services (Partial) (22)
Wholesale Trade Services (41)
Retail Trade Services (79)
Metal Treatment Services (9)
Mining Services (13)
Contract Work on Textile Products, Apparel, and Leather (23)
Construction (Partial) (17)

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