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F.200 U.S. Official Reserve Assets and SDR Allocations (19)
F.201 Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) Certificates and Treasury Currency (5)
F.202 U.S. Deposits in Foreign Countries (5)
F.203 Net Interbank Transactions (49)
F.204 Checkable Deposits and Currency (37)
F.205 Time and Savings Deposits (20)
F.206 Money Market Fund Shares (12)
F.207 Federal Funds and Security Repurchase Agreements (45)
F.208 Debt Securities (54)
F.209 Open Market Paper (34)
F.210 Treasury Securities (55)
F.211 Agency- and GSE-Backed Securities (27)
F.212 Municipal Securities (26)
F.213 Corporate and Foreign Bonds (47)
F.214 Loans (55)
F.215 Depository Institution Loans Not Elsewhere Classified (19)
F.216 Other Loans and Advances (52)
F.217 Total Mortgages (31)
F.218 Home Mortgages (29)
F.219 Multifamily Residential Mortgages (21)
F.220 Commercial Mortgages (22)
F.221 Farm Mortgages (14)
F.222 Consumer Credit (15)
F.223 Corporate Equities (33)
F.224 Mutual Fund Shares (12)
F.225 Trade Credit (21)
F.226 Life Insurance Reserves (10)
F.227 Pension Entitlements (17)
F.228 Taxes Payable by Businesses (12)
F.229 Proprietors' Equity in Noncorporate Business (3)
F.230 Direct Investment (43)
F.231 Total Miscellaneous Financial Claims (48)
F.232 Identified Miscellaneous Financial Claims - Part I (29)
F.233 Identified Miscellaneous Financial Claims - Part II (37)
F.234 Unidentified Miscellaneous Financial Claims (40)
F.7 Sector Discrepancies (21)
F.8 Instrument Discrepancies (15)

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