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Line Name Period Value Preceding
Year Ago
from Period
Percent change at annual rate:
line 1 Private fixed investment in equipment
Percentage points at annual rates:
line 2 Nonresidential equipment
line 3 Information processing equipment
line 4 Computers and peripheral equipment
line 5 Communication equipment
line 6 Medical equipment and instruments
line 7 Nonmedical instruments
line 8 Photocopy and related equipment
line 9 Office and accounting equipment
line 10 Industrial equipment
line 11 Fabricated metal products
line 12 Engines and turbines
line 13 Metalworking machinery
line 14 Special industry machinery n.e.c.
line 15 General industrial including materials handling equipment
line 16 Electrical transmission distribution and industrial apparatus
line 17 Transportation equipment
line 18 Trucks buses and truck trailers
line 19 Light trucks (including utility vehicles)
line 20 Other trucks buses and truck trailers
line 21 Autos
line 22 Aircraft
line 23 Ships and boats
line 24 Railroad equipment
line 25 Other equipment
line 26 Furniture and fixtures
line 27 Agricultural machinery
line 28 Construction machinery
line 29 Mining and oilfield machinery
line 30 Service industry machinery
line 31 Electrical equipment n.e.c.
line 32 Other
line 33 Less: Sale of equipment scrap excluding autos
line 34 Residential equipment

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