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    Q2 1947    
    Q2 2023
Percent Change from Preceding Period
Line Name Q2 2023 Q1 2023 Q2 2022
Percent change at annual rate:
line 1
Private fixed investment in intellectual property products
2.2 3.1 8.9
Percentage points at annual rates:
line 2 Software
line 3 Prepackaged
line 4 Custom
line 5 Own account
line 6 Research and development
line 7 Business
line 8 Manufacturing
line 9 Pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing
line 10 Chemical manufacturing excluding pharmaceutical and medicine
line 11 Semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturing
line 12 Other computer and electronic product manufacturing
line 13 Motor vehicles bodies and trailers and parts manufacturing
line 14 Aerospace products and parts manufacturing
line 15 Other manufacturing
line 16 Nonmanufacturing
line 17 Scientific research and development services
line 18 All other nonmanufacturing
line 19 Software publishers
line 20 Financial and real estate services
line 21 Computer systems design and related services
line 22 Other nonmanufacturing
line 23 Nonprofit institutions serving households
line 24 Universities and colleges
line 25 Other nonprofit institutions
line 26 Entertainment literary and artistic originals
line 27 Theatrical movies
line 28 Long-lived television programs
line 29 Books
line 30 Music
line 31 Other

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