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  • Millions of Dollars, Annual, Not Seasonally Adjusted

    Source ID: FL073165103.A For more information about the Flow of Funds tables, see the Financial Accounts Guide ( With each quarterly release, the source may make major data and structural revisions to the series and tables. These changes are available in the Release Highlights ( In the Financial Accounts, the source identifies each series by a string of patterned letters and numbers. For a detailed description, including how this series is constructed, see the series analyzer ( provided by the source.

  • Index 2010=100, Annual, Not Seasonally Adjusted

    OECD descriptor ID: CPRPTT02 OECD unit ID: IXOB OECD country ID: GBR All OECD data should be cited as follows: OECD, "Main Economic Indicators - complete database", Main Economic Indicators (database), (Accessed on date) Copyright, 2016, OECD. Reprinted with permission.

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