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  • Index 1926=100, Monthly, Seasonally Adjusted

    Data Represent The Ratio Of The Number Of Placements To Unfilled Applications, On A 1926=100 Base, Adjusted For Season. Allowance Was Made For A Change In The Ratio Construction In February, 1927 That Thereafter Included Aided Unemployed With Unfilled Applications. In 1928 This Change Was Modified By Adjusting For A Three Month Moving Average. Foreign Labor, Which France Purposely Imported, Is Covered By The Data. Source: Ministire De Travail, Statistique Generale, For 1920-1931 Data: Indices De Generaux De Movement De Economique De France, 1931, Pp. 103, 156; For 1932-1938 Data: Bulletin De Statistique Generale. This NBER data series m08024aa appears on the NBER website in Chapter 8 at NBER Indicator: m08024aa

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