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Table Data - Total Gross Domestic Product for Waco, TX (MSA)

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Title Total Gross Domestic Product for Waco, TX (MSA)
Series ID NGMP47380
Source U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis
Release Gross Domestic Product by County and Metropolitan Area
Seasonal Adjustment Not Seasonally Adjusted
Frequency Annual
Units Millions of Dollars
Date Range 2017-01-01 to 2022-01-01
Last Updated 2023-12-18 2:13 PM CST
2017-01-01 12732.714
2018-01-01 13534.134
2019-01-01 13648.349
2020-01-01 13529.092
2021-01-01 14830.769
2022-01-01 16275.790

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