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Maps API - Regional Data


This request returns a cross section of regional data.

Enter a FRED series ID and your API key (optional) to get request parameters.

Request Wizard



This request can return either XML or JSON by setting the file_type parameter to xml or json. Note that the default value of file_type is xml. The API key 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz123456' is for demonstration purposes only. Use a registered API key instead.


Request (HTTPS GET)



                    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
                    <series_data title="2013 Per Capita Personal Income by State (Dollars)" region="state" seasonality="Not Seasonally Adjusted" units="Dollars" frequency="Annual">
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Hawaii" code="15" value="43931" series_id="HIPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="California" code="06" value="48502" series_id="CAPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="District of Columbia" code="11" value="67774" series_id="DCPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Colorado" code="08" value="47404" series_id="COPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Connecticut" code="09" value="62647" series_id="CTPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="West Virginia" code="54" value="35318" series_id="WVPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Texas" code="48" value="44816" series_id="TXPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="North Dakota" code="38" value="54900" series_id="NDPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Wisconsin" code="55" value="43050" series_id="WIPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Washington" code="53" value="47857" series_id="WAPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="New Hampshire" code="33" value="50865" series_id="NHPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Vermont" code="50" value="45770" series_id="VTPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="New Jersey" code="34" value="54813" series_id="NJPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Virginia" code="51" value="48573" series_id="VAPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="New Mexico" code="35" value="35088" series_id="NMPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Tennessee" code="47" value="39454" series_id="TNPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Nevada" code="32" value="39664" series_id="NVPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="South Dakota" code="46" value="45608" series_id="SDPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Mississippi" code="28" value="34259" series_id="MSPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="New York" code="36" value="53395" series_id="NYPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="South Carolina" code="45" value="36204" series_id="SCPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Missouri" code="29" value="40569" series_id="MOPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Ohio" code="39" value="41259" series_id="OHPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Minnesota" code="27" value="47838" series_id="MNPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Oklahoma" code="40" value="44017" series_id="OKPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Michigan" code="26" value="39566" series_id="MIPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Oregon" code="41" value="39788" series_id="ORPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Maine" code="23" value="40329" series_id="MEPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Pennsylvania" code="42" value="46213" series_id="PAPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Maryland" code="24" value="52249" series_id="MDPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Wyoming" code="56" value="53776" series_id="WYPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Louisiana" code="22" value="41376" series_id="LAPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Massachusetts" code="25" value="56628" series_id="MAPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Kentucky" code="21" value="36058" series_id="KYPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="North Carolina" code="37" value="38394" series_id="NCPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Kansas" code="20" value="46174" series_id="KSPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Nebraska" code="31" value="46653" series_id="NEPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Indiana" code="18" value="39766" series_id="INPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Rhode Island" code="44" value="45447" series_id="RIPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Illinois" code="17" value="47047" series_id="ILPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Utah" code="49" value="36511" series_id="UTPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Idaho" code="16" value="36095" series_id="IDPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Alaska" code="02" value="52812" series_id="AKPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Iowa" code="19" value="43439" series_id="IAPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Montana" code="30" value="40674" series_id="MTPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Alabama" code="01" value="36014" series_id="ALPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Georgia" code="13" value="37794" series_id="GAPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Arkansas" code="05" value="36677" series_id="ARPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Florida" code="12" value="41162" series_id="FLPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Arizona" code="04" value="37139" series_id="AZPCPI"/>
                        <observation date="2013-01-01" region="Delaware" code="10" value="44404" series_id="DEPCPI"/>


Request (HTTPS GET)



                    "2013 Per Capita Personal Income by State (Dollars)": {
                        "2013": [{
                            "region": "Alabama",
                            "code": "01",
                            "value": "36481",
                            "series_id": "ALPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Alaska",
                            "code": "02",
                            "value": "50150",
                            "series_id": "AKPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Arizona",
                            "code": "04",
                            "value": "36983",
                            "series_id": "AZPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Arkansas",
                            "code": "05",
                            "value": "36698",
                            "series_id": "ARPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "California",
                            "code": "06",
                            "value": "48434",
                            "series_id": "CAPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Colorado",
                            "code": "08",
                            "value": "46897",
                            "series_id": "COPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Connecticut",
                            "code": "09",
                            "value": "60658",
                            "series_id": "CTPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Delaware",
                            "code": "10",
                            "value": "44815",
                            "series_id": "DEPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "District of Columbia",
                            "code": "11",
                            "value": "75329",
                            "series_id": "DCPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Florida",
                            "code": "12",
                            "value": "41497",
                            "series_id": "FLPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Georgia",
                            "code": "13",
                            "value": "37845",
                            "series_id": "GAPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Hawaii",
                            "code": "15",
                            "value": "45204",
                            "series_id": "HIPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Idaho",
                            "code": "16",
                            "value": "36146",
                            "series_id": "IDPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Illinois",
                            "code": "17",
                            "value": "46980",
                            "series_id": "ILPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Indiana",
                            "code": "18",
                            "value": "38622",
                            "series_id": "INPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Iowa",
                            "code": "19",
                            "value": "44763",
                            "series_id": "IAPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Kansas",
                            "code": "20",
                            "value": "44417",
                            "series_id": "KSPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Kentucky",
                            "code": "21",
                            "value": "36214",
                            "series_id": "KYPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Louisiana",
                            "code": "22",
                            "value": "41204",
                            "series_id": "LAPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Maine",
                            "code": "23",
                            "value": "40924",
                            "series_id": "MEPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Maryland",
                            "code": "24",
                            "value": "53826",
                            "series_id": "MDPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Massachusetts",
                            "code": "25",
                            "value": "57248",
                            "series_id": "MAPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Michigan",
                            "code": "26",
                            "value": "39055",
                            "series_id": "MIPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Minnesota",
                            "code": "27",
                            "value": "47500",
                            "series_id": "MNPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Mississippi",
                            "code": "28",
                            "value": "33913",
                            "series_id": "MSPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Missouri",
                            "code": "29",
                            "value": "40663",
                            "series_id": "MOPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Montana",
                            "code": "30",
                            "value": "39366",
                            "series_id": "MTPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Nebraska",
                            "code": "31",
                            "value": "47157",
                            "series_id": "NEPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Nevada",
                            "code": "32",
                            "value": "39235",
                            "series_id": "NVPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "New Hampshire",
                            "code": "33",
                            "value": "51013",
                            "series_id": "NHPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "New Jersey",
                            "code": "34",
                            "value": "55386",
                            "series_id": "NJPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "New Mexico",
                            "code": "35",
                            "value": "35965",
                            "series_id": "NMPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "New York",
                            "code": "36",
                            "value": "54462",
                            "series_id": "NYPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "North Carolina",
                            "code": "37",
                            "value": "38683",
                            "series_id": "NCPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "North Dakota",
                            "code": "38",
                            "value": "53182",
                            "series_id": "NDPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Ohio",
                            "code": "39",
                            "value": "41049",
                            "series_id": "OHPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Oklahoma",
                            "code": "40",
                            "value": "41861",
                            "series_id": "OKPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Oregon",
                            "code": "41",
                            "value": "39848",
                            "series_id": "ORPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Pennsylvania",
                            "code": "42",
                            "value": "46202",
                            "series_id": "PAPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Rhode Island",
                            "code": "44",
                            "value": "46989",
                            "series_id": "RIPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "South Carolina",
                            "code": "45",
                            "value": "35831",
                            "series_id": "SCPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "South Dakota",
                            "code": "46",
                            "value": "46039",
                            "series_id": "SDPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Tennessee",
                            "code": "47",
                            "value": "39558",
                            "series_id": "TNPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Texas",
                            "code": "48",
                            "value": "43862",
                            "series_id": "TXPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Utah",
                            "code": "49",
                            "value": "36640",
                            "series_id": "UTPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Vermont",
                            "code": "50",
                            "value": "45483",
                            "series_id": "VTPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Virginia",
                            "code": "51",
                            "value": "48838",
                            "series_id": "VAPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Washington",
                            "code": "53",
                            "value": "47717",
                            "series_id": "WAPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "West Virginia",
                            "code": "54",
                            "value": "35533",
                            "series_id": "WVPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Wisconsin",
                            "code": "55",
                            "value": "43244",
                            "series_id": "WIPCPI"
                        }, {
                            "region": "Wyoming",
                            "code": "56",
                            "value": "52826",
                            "series_id": "WYPCPI"



Read API Keys for more information.

  • 32 character alpha-numeric lowercase string, required


A key or file extension that indicates the type of file to send.

  • One of the following values: 'xml', 'json'

    xml = Extensible Markup Language. The HTTP Content-Type is text/xml (xml is not available for county data).
    json = JavaScript Object Notation. The HTTP Content-Type is application/json.


The ID for a group of seriess found in FRED.

  • string, required


The region you want want to pull data for.

  • string, required
  • One of the following values:
    • bea
    • msa
    • frb
    • necta
    • state
    • country
    • county
    • censusregion
    • censusregion


The date you want to pull a series group data from.

  • YYYY-MM-DD formatted string, required


The start date you want to request series group data from. This allows you to pull a range of data

  • YYYY-MM-DD formatted string, optional


The seasonality of the series group.

  • string, required, three possible SA (Seasonally Adjusted), NSA (Not Seasonally Adjusted), or SSA (Smoothed Seasonally Adjusted)


The units of the series you want to pull.

  • string, required


A key that indicates a data value transformation.

  • string, optional, default: lin (No transformation)
  • One of the following values: 'lin', 'chg', 'ch1', 'pch', 'pc1', 'pca', 'cch', 'cca', 'log'

    lin = Levels (No transformation)
    chg = Change
    ch1 = Change from Year Ago
    pch = Percent Change
    pc1 = Percent Change from Year Ago
    pca = Compounded Annual Rate of Change
    cch = Continuously Compounded Rate of Change
    cca = Continuously Compounded Annual Rate of Change
    log = Natural Log

  • For unit transformation formulas, see: https://alfred.stlouisfed.org/help#growth_formulas


Frequency automatically assigns the default frequency of the map when using the Request Wizard above. The parameter can be used as a frequency aggregation feature. The maps frequency aggregation feature converts higher frequency data series into lower frequency data series (e.g. converts a monthly data series into an annual data series). In maps, the highest frequency data is daily, and the lowest frequency data is annual. There are 3 aggregation methods available- average, sum, and end of period. See the aggregation_method parameter.

  • string
  • One of the following values: 'd', 'w', 'bw', 'm', 'q', 'sa', 'a', 'wef', 'weth', 'wew', 'wetu', 'wem', 'wesu', 'wesa', 'bwew', 'bwem'

Frequencies without period descriptions:

d = Daily
w = Weekly
bw = Biweekly
m = Monthly
q = Quarterly
sa = Semiannual
a = Annual

Frequencies with period descriptions:

wef = Weekly, Ending Friday
weth = Weekly, Ending Thursday
wew = Weekly, Ending Wednesday
wetu = Weekly, Ending Tuesday
wem = Weekly, Ending Monday
wesu = Weekly, Ending Sunday
wesa = Weekly, Ending Saturday
bwew = Biweekly, Ending Wednesday
bwem = Biweekly, Ending Monday


  • string, optional, default: avg
  • One of the following values: 'avg', 'sum', 'eop'

    avg = Average
    sum = Sum
    eop = End of Period

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