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Longer Run FOMC Summary of Economic Projections for the Fed Funds Rate, Central Tendency, High (FEDTARCTHLR)


2020-09-16: 2.5  
Updated: Sep 16, 2020


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Source: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  

Source: U.S. Federal Open Market Committee

Release: Summary of Economic Projections  

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The longer-run projections are the rates of growth, inflation, unemployment, and federal funds rate to which a policymaker expects the economy to converge over time in the absence of further shocks and under appropriate monetary policy. Because appropriate monetary policy, by definition, is aimed at achieving the Federal Reserve's dual mandate of maximum employment and price stability in the longer run, policymakers' longer-run projections for economic growth and unemployment may be interpreted, respectively, as estimates of the economy's longer-run potential growth rate and the longer-run normal rate of unemployment; similarly, the longer-run projection of inflation is the rate of inflation which the FOMC judges to be most consistent with its dual mandate in the longer-term.

The projections for the federal funds rate are the value of the midpoint of the projected appropriate target range for the federal funds rate or the projected appropriate target level for the federal funds rate at the end of the specified calendar year or over the longer run. Each participant's projections are based on his or her assessment of appropriate monetary policy. The range for each variable in a given year includes all participants' projections, from lowest to highest, for that variable in the given year; the central tendencies exclude the three highest and three lowest projections for each year. This series represents the high value of the central tendency forecast established by the Federal Open Market Committee.

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Suggested Citation:

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and U.S. Federal Open Market Committee, Longer Run FOMC Summary of Economic Projections for the Fed Funds Rate, Central Tendency, High [FEDTARCTHLR], retrieved from FRED, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis;, November 25, 2020.


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