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Portland Cement Shipments for United States (M02123USM386NNBR)


Dec 1963: 16.96  
Updated: Aug 16, 2012


Millions of Barrels,
Not Seasonally Adjusted


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Source: National Bureau of Economic Research  

Release: NBER Macrohistory Database  

Units:  Millions of Barrels, Not Seasonally Adjusted

Frequency:  Monthly


The Data Relate To Finished Portland Cement, Measured In Number Of Barrels, For The Entire Industry. They Include High-Early- Strength Cement Which, Beginning 1955, Is Separately Reported By The Compiling Agency. Clinker Cement, An Intermediate Product, Is Excluded. The 1911-1920 Data Were Compiled By E.F.Burchard Of The U.S. Geological Survey, From Data Furnished By The Portland Cement Association The Original Data, Representing 93 To 99 Per Cent Of Industry Production, Were Supplemented With Estimates For Nonreporting Plants. Data After 1920 Are From The Bureau Of Mines, U.S. Department Of The Interior. They Include 48 States And The District Of Columbia; Puerto Rico (Where Operation Was Started In 1940); And Hawaii (For September 1944 Through 1946 And Beginning 1961). Seasonal Adjustment Is By NBER (Lipsey And Preston, P. 288). Source: 1911-1920: George Otis Smith, Et Al., "Fluctuations In Mineral Output", From Forecasting, Papers Presented At The Eighty-Fifth Annual Meeting Of The American Statistical Association, Edited By Warren M. Persons, William Trufant Foster, And Albert J. Hettinger, Jr., (Cambridge, 1924). 1921-1962:"Survey Of Current Business", September 1923, And Supplements, 1932-1963. 1963:"Survey Of Current Business", Monthly Issues, March 1964 To February 1965 (Lipsey And Preston, P. 288).

This NBER data series m02123 appears on the NBER website in Chapter 2 at

NBER Indicator: m02123

Suggested Citation:

National Bureau of Economic Research, Portland Cement Shipments for United States [M02123USM386NNBR], retrieved from FRED, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis;, December 8, 2019.


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