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Index of the General Price Level for United States (M04051USM324NNBR)


Nov 1939: 155  
Updated: Aug 16, 2012


Index 1913=100,
Not Seasonally Adjusted


1Y | 5Y | 10Y | Max


Source: National Bureau of Economic Research  

Release: NBER Macrohistory Database  

Units:  Index 1913=100, Not Seasonally Adjusted

Frequency:  Monthly


Components Of This Index And Their Respective Weights Are: Industrial Prices, Non-Agricultural, Wholesale (10); Farm Prices At The Farm (10); Retail Food Prices In 51 Cities (10); Rents, In 32 Cities (5); Clothing, Fuel, Furnishings, Etc., Retail (10); Freight And Transportation Costs (5); Realty Value, Urban And Farm (10); Securities, Bonds, And Stocks (10); Equipment And Machinery (10); Hardware Prices (3); Automobile Prices (2); Wages, Federal Reserve Board, New York Composite (15). "Data For 1934-November, 1939, Are Correct As Given In The"Monthly Review"; They Are Discontinued After November, 1939." Telephone Conversation Of 5/24/41 With Reports Division Of The Federal Reserve Board Of New York. Source: Federal Reserve Bank Of New York City, Letter From Reports Department For 1860-1933. For 1934-1939, Data Are From "Monthly Review Of Credit And Business Conditions."

This NBER data series m04051 appears on the NBER website in Chapter 4 at

NBER Indicator: m04051

Suggested Citation:

National Bureau of Economic Research, Index of the General Price Level for United States [M04051USM324NNBR], retrieved from FRED, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis;, May 17, 2022.


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