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Total Per Capita Real Gross Domestic Product for Worcester, MA-CT (MSA) (DISCONTINUED) (PCRGMP49340)


2017: 40,529 (+ more)   Updated: Sep 18, 2018
2017:  40,529  
2016:  39,822  
2015:  38,841  
2014:  37,832  
2013:  37,975  
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Chained 2009 Dollars,
Not Seasonally Adjusted




Source: U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis  

Release: Gross Domestic Product by County and Metropolitan Area  

Units:  Chained 2009 Dollars, Not Seasonally Adjusted

Frequency:  Annual


The All industry total includes all Private industries and Government.

Real GDP by metropolitan area is an inflation-adjusted measure of each metropolitan area's gross product that is based on national prices for the goods and services produced within the metropolitan area. Gross Domestic Product of a given area divided by the resident population of the area.

For more information about this release go to http://www.bea.gov/newsreleases/regional/gdp_metro/gdp_metro_newsrelease.htm.

Suggested Citation:

U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, Total Per Capita Real Gross Domestic Product for Worcester, MA-CT (MSA) (DISCONTINUED) [PCRGMP49340], retrieved from FRED, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis; https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/PCRGMP49340, September 21, 2023.


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