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Gross Private Domestic Investment in Structures for United States (Q0255CUSQ398SNBR)


Q4 1939: 1,025  
Updated: Aug 16, 2012


Millions of Current Dollars,
Seasonally Adjusted


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Source: National Bureau of Economic Research  

Release: NBER Macrohistory Database  

Units:  Millions of Current Dollars, Seasonally Adjusted

Frequency:  Quarterly


Series Is Presented Here As 5 Variables: (1) Original Data, Quarterly, 1939-46; (2) Original Data, Quarterly, 1946-67; (3) Seasonally Adjusted Data, Quarterly, 1921-39 (4) Annual Data, 1921-39; (5) Annual Data, 1929- This Series Represents The Investment-In-Structures Component Of Gross Private Domestic Investment Included In The National Income And Product Accounts, Prepared By The National Income Division, Office Of Business Economics, U.S. Dept. Of Commerce. For Further Information, Consult Lipsey & Preston, Pp. 272-273. The Estimates Presented In This Variable Were Developed By Barger & Klein, And Revised To Conform To The Level Of Obe Annual Series For 1929-38. Source: 1921-38, Unpublished Estimates Developed By Harold Barger & Lawrence R. Klein For Their Article, "A Quarterly Model For The United States Economy." (Journal Of The American Statistical Association, Sept., 1954); 1939, National Income Supplement To Survey Of Current Business (Dept. Of Comm.), July 1947.

This NBER data series q02155c appears on the NBER website in Chapter 2 at

NBER Indicator: q02155c

Suggested Citation:

National Bureau of Economic Research, Gross Private Domestic Investment in Structures for United States [Q0255CUSQ398SNBR], retrieved from FRED, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis;, November 18, 2019.


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