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International Migrant Stock, Total for Egypt (SMPOPTOTLEGY)


2015: 491,643 (+ more)   Updated: Sep 23, 2019
2015:  491,643  
2010:  295,714  
2005:  274,001  
2000:  173,452  
1995:  166,955  
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Not Seasonally Adjusted


5 Year


Source: World Bank  

Release: World Development Indicators  

Units:  Persons, Not Seasonally Adjusted

Frequency:  5 Year


International migrant stock is the number of people born in a country other than that in which they live, including refugees.

Refugees are people who are recognized as refugees under the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees or its 1967 Protocol, the 1969 Organization of African Unity Convention Governing the Specific Aspects of Refugee Problems in Africa, people recognized as refugees in accordance with the UNHCR statute, people granted refugee-like humanitarian status, and people provided temporary protection. Asylum seekers - people who have applied for asylum or refugee status and who have not yet received a decision or who are registered as asylum seekers - are excluded.

World Bank Source: United Nations Population Division, Trends in Total Migrant Stock

Source Indicator: SM.POP.TOTL

Suggested Citation:

World Bank, International Migrant Stock, Total for Egypt [SMPOPTOTLEGY], retrieved from FRED, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis; https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/SMPOPTOTLEGY, September 27, 2023.


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